Monday, 13 October 2014

Stop Whaling

Whaling is cruel, the demand for whale meat is falling and we can’t be certain that whale populations can survive large scale hunting as well as the other daily threats they face. But, despite bans on commercial whaling and the trade in whale products, Japan, Norway and Iceland still kill 2000 whales between them each year and also continue trade in whale products. it has to STOP.

Whaling is the hunting of whales primarily for meat and oil. Whales being hunted for thousands of years the majority of those early hunting endeavors had little impact on the current overall endangered whales situation we now face today.

Whales are warm-blooded mammals and the largest creatures on earth. The magnificent blue whale is the largest animal that has ever lived on this planet! It weighs more than 2,000 people.

Mostly baleen whales(Minke Whale, Blue Whale, Humpback Whale) killed in large numbers than toothed whales. Polluted Ocean also affect major sea life mainly Whales and Dolphins.

Now Blue and Humpback Whale are in the top of endangered species list..:(

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