Saturday, 13 December 2014

Rise against Rhino poaching

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Although there is no scientific proof of its medical value, rhino horn is highly prized in traditional Asian medicine, where it is ground into a fine powder or manufactured into tablets as a treatment for a variety of illnesses such as nosebleeds, strokes, convulsions, and fevers.

This demand has created highly profitable and organized international poaching criminal syndicates who deploy advanced technologies ranging from night vision scopes, silenced weapons, darting equipment and helicopters to carry out their mission.

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According to Dr Joseph Okori, head of WWF's African Rhino Programme:

The African rhino is under serious threat from poachers who have intensified their search of rhino for their horns since 2007, driven by growing market demands in Asia.

Even so, South Africa – home to more than 80% of Africa’s rhino populations –  is losing hundreds of rhinos each year.  In this country alone:

122 rhinos were killed in 2009
333 rhinos were killed in 2010
                  388 rhinos have been killed so far in 2012
Current statistics is Unknown.

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